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Eligible Films

1. 1%

2. 2.22

3. Birthday Adjustment Disorder

4. Boar

5. Boy Erased

6. Breath

7. Brothers Nest

8. Cargo

9. Chasing Comets

10. Ellipsis

11. Gurrumul

12. Harmony

13. Have You Seen The Listers

14. In Like Flynn

15. Jirga

16. Just Between Us

17. Ladies In Black

18. Mary Magdalene

19. Me And My Left Brain

20. Midnight Oil 1984

21. Occupation

22. Peter Rabbit

23. Pulse

24. Rabbit

25. Strange Colours

26. Survive Or Die

27. Sweet Country

28. Swinging Safari

29. That’s Not My Dog

30. The Bbq

31. The Gateway

32. The Merger

33. The Pretend One

34. The Second

35. Undertow

36. Upgrade

37. Watch The Sunset

38. Wayne

39. West Of Sunshine

40. Winchester

41. Working Class Boy

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Best Feature Documentary

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Best Cinematography

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Best Editing

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Best Actor in a Supporting Role

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Best Actress in a Supporting Role

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