Welcome to Film Critics Circle of Australia


The FCCA welcomes all professional reviewers and writers on film to become members of the organisation.  If you are interested in membership please contact the FCCA for a membership application form and further details of membership conditions and criteria.

1. Membership is open to individuals who create/ write/ produce on any media platform (magazines/ newspapers/ radio/ television/ internet, etc.) film reviews or criticism on a regular on-going basis (at least six times per year);

2. Membership is only open to reviewers/ critics if they work as professional critics and regularly receive payment for reviewing/ writing/ broadcasting on first-release cinema features;

3. Applicants must have been reviewing/ broadcasting, etc. for a period of time (or demonstrate a background in this area) prior to joining the FCCA;

4. Members are required to view all Australian feature films that have a theatrical release each year and vote in the annual awards for Australian film. Voting compulsory and is a condition of membership.