About Us

The FCCA is the national professional body of film critics and film journalists in Australia.  It exists to add support to Australian film culture, to provide a forum for issues affecting film and film-goers (such as film classification and censorship), to participate in international critics’ juries through its membership of FIPRESCI (the international body of film critics and journalists), to assist Australian film festivals with international jury representation, and to provide professional support for critics.

The aims of the FCCA are:

  • To promote excellence and integrity in the art of film criticism;
  • To support the advancement of Australian and international film culture;
  • To recognise outstanding achievement in Australian film through the Annual Awards presentation.

The FCCA is non-profit organization and is a member of FIPRESCI, the International body of Film Critics and Journalists.

Annual Awards for Australian Film  

A major public activity of the FCCA is the presentation of the annual FCCA Awards for Australian Film, covering feature films and documentaries. These prestigious awards are unique in that they have always had strong support from across the film industry and, for over twenty-five years, have reflected its achievements by recognising and celebrating the creative input of members of the Australian production sector.

The FCCA awards are voted on by all FCCA members and constitute a significant indicator of a film’s success. These are truly independent film awards, voted on solely by film critics, not by the industry or by the film-going public, and have become highly respected for recognising and rewarding originality and excellence in all categories.

2o17 Executive Committee

President Rose Capp
Vice Presidents Paolo Remati
Executive Members Russell Edwards
Jane Freebury
Nick Matteo
Sue Williams
Administrator/Awards Manager Adrienne McKibbins
All enquires for the FCCA should be addressed to the Administrator at:
Postal Address for the FCCA:
P. O. Box 673
Crows Nest
NSW 1585