If any FCCA member is interested in sitting on one of the FIPRESCI juries, you must notify the executive by email. If you have not applied for a jury before please be aware that you must register with FIPRESCI. Advise our Administrator, Adrienne McKibbins, and she can send you the relevant form.


Members applying for Juries should note carefully:

Not all juries offer fares from Australia, however if you are going to be overseas its worth applying in that you may get a fare from wherever you are.

  1. Festivals are very keen to know how and where you will be covering the festival. It’s almost as important as your knowledge or expertise relating to the jury of the festival.

  2. FCCA members who attend a jury are also expected to do a report for the FCCA website.

  3. Any further questions should be addressed to the Administrator.

  4. Also, even if you have applied before and not been selected, don’t hesitate to apply again. Remember we are competing with a multitude of other Critics Groups.

The list of relevant festivals for the 4th quarter of 2017 can be found here: FIPRESCI Circular_2017_05