Vale Film Buff’s Forecast

The following is an extract of an article first published on Friday 16 June 2017 in Film Hub by David Tiley. The original article can be found here.


The fight between Melbourne’s Triple R community radio station and veteran program maker Paul Harris is finally over. After 36 years, the last broadcast of Film Buff’s Forecast will occur this Saturday.

Harris presents an eclectic mix of film driven interviews in a two hour block, which is probably unique in Australian radio. A generation of film creators in Melbourne have matured and aged with Paul, laying out the gossipy, reflective rhythm of their lives. 

‘Our final show will be a celebration of the last 36 years – and we will start and finish by referring to the fact that it is our swan song,’ said Harris on the phone.

Triple R and Harris have acknowledged that […] mediation has failed, and there is nowhere else to go. This is the end of a proverbial era and a valuable voice has been silenced in Melbourne. 

‘However,’ said Harris, ‘I might be the ringmaster but I’m not the carnival.’ Just so, but once a unique institution is demolished, it is rarely replaced. Just ask David and Margaret.