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What Were They Thinking? FCCA Special first publication price of $25

To all cinephiles , film-buffs, or those who just like the movies and reading about them ,

A friend and associate has just published a delightful book – What Were They Thinking?

It is an affectionate, fact-filled book about the oddest films and how they came to be.

It’s is not a typical worst films ever made list, but a book that will have you thinking of your own list!!

Written in a conversational fun way, it includes an amazing number of films, you may want to see again.

This is a perfect book to have on your shelf for summer reading, but it is also the perfect book for a  Christmas gift. 

Very pleased to be able to offer a special first publication price of $ 25.00  As yet this book is not available in bookshops.

If you are interested in a copy (or copies) contact the FCCA on email  filmcriticsaust@bigpond.com.